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Dec 12 11 4:58 AM

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How-to Make a wheel hub and tire. Originally posted on LAF.

1)  Start with 3 standard sized plastic tubes, and some small .5mm thick x 2.5mm wide strip. The tubes can be of any size, as long as the largest two fit into one another.  The third should be one size smaller than the medium one.  The largest tube will be the outer portion of your wheels rim.

2) Insert medium tube into the larger one. I glue it about 2mm below the edge of the outer tube.

3) Smallest tube, start gluing your thin pieces of strip, spaced apart evenly.  I used five pieces to give me 5 holes in the wheel.  Build up the strip so that this will now fit snug into the medium tube.

4) I added a small hub to the center

5) Both pieces now ready to put together

6) I trim the outer rim to be slightly larger than I need.  I can sand it later.  Insert your new center hub.

7) Now you can start the tire.  I made mine slightly thinner than the wheels on the Fenris Hummer.  The strip is .4mm thick x 4.0mm wide.

8) score the strip with a fingernail to curl it..

9) Important.  Glue one end to a section of the same tube you used for your outer rim.  Only glue one end.

10) Start Wrapping the strip around and gluing it to itself.

11) All ready!

12) Check the size to the model.  Looks about right.

13) As the "tire" is still stuck on the tube, it's easy to sand, slowing turning it as you shape the tire.

14) remove the tire and putty it up. I'm using squadron putty which contains acetone, so it will melt and blend into the plastic.

15) Tire is almost done. All that remains is some more sanding, and shaping of the tire.

16) Next phase will be adding the tire tread.  For now it looks like it will fit pretty well.

17) For the treads, we'll be doing a standard tread pattern, and a chevron pattern.  For the standard treads, start by butting small sections of plastic that will act as the individual ribs of the tread.

18) You'll need to cut a lot of them.  Start gluing them to the tire, alternating one side to the other.You can use the width of each adjacent piece to help space them apart.

19) It's best to do a few, then leave it to allow the glue to set.  Then continue.  Make sure you go around the whole tire.

20) The next step will be to sand these down. Sand the sides flat, and begin to sand the tread pattern down at an angle, to blend it into the tire.  You can also start rounding the tread at this point as well.

21) Also start sanding the tread itself, to reduce it's height and create a more subtle effect.  After this, I'll add a few brushes of the plastic glue to soften the edges of the plastic a bit, then let it set.

22) Lets move onto the chevron pattern...
Starting with a different type of strip, flat strip, cut into chevron halves

23) Begin glueing these down, one on either side. Then sand to shape and blend into the tire.
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